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Office Cleaning

“Super Sani-Clean”

The world we live in today is full of uncertainties around health and safety. We restore reassurance to our customers by providing a service that gives them a piece of mind, knowing that their wellbeing has been heavily considered. Our very own “Super Sani-Clean” process specializes in providing a service that not only appears to be clean but takes extra steps to ensure your facilities are sanitary. Keeping your employees and customers safe is our #1 priority. Your customers & staff will feel safe and enjoy the clean experience every time they visit your business.


“Ready Refresh”

The importance of having a “Ready Refresh” cleaning staff on hand could exponentially make or break the outlook and feel of a facility. The more traffic coming and going means an increase in cleaning efforts in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the facility. Our Ready Refresh Certified cleaning staff is there to do just that. Making sure soaps, sanitizers, and paper products are readily available, drastically improve the efforts of keeping everyone safe. Hazardous spills or residue on a floor could be detrimental for anyone. Having cleaning staff on hand ready to refresh the situation is our area of expertise.

Building Services

Our building services offer light building and parking lot maintenance for homeowner associations, corporate buildings, shopping centers, high rises, and small businesses. M3 uses professional equipment resulting in exceptional & efficient service. Our porter service techniques and commercial cleaning supplies meet and exceed high standards of cleanliness, functionality, and curb appeal.

Building Maintenance

Our building services ranging from light bulb replacement, to fixing door hinges, enabling you to be more productive and worry less, M3 can help. Contact us to learn more!

Trash Removal

Need trash or waste removed from your home or business? We offer commercial & residential trash & waste removal services keeping your property looking great and elimination piles of trash that bring unwanted visitors and unattractive smells.

Grounds Keeping

Construction debris? Leaves? Snow? NO PROBLEM. We offer your round grounds keeping resulting in a welcoming & clean first impression.

Exterior Cleaning
"Super Soap"

The “Super Soap” exterior cleaning services provides comprehensive detailing for the exterior surfaces of pretty much any piece of real estate.  From commercial properties like shopping centers & office buildings, to residential properties providing superior cleaning from the ground to the roof. Our exterior cleaning services remove dirt, grime, mold & debris. After all, image is everything.

Debris Removal

Working on a large project for your home or business? We take the worry out of the cleanup process enabling you to focus on your finished product. Leave the mess to us and allow our debris removal services to haul away the headache.

Post Construction Cleanup

We understand how much the construction industry plays a significant role in our lives, literally shaping our communities and building the bridges that connect them. When you’re done doing the heavy lifting, we come along and put on the final touch, Post Construction Cleanup.

Final Cleaning

We regularly perform Rough, Final and Touch Up Post Construction Cleaning to remove dirt, dust and debris via polishing, vacuuming, moping, dusting, etc.

Model Maintenance

You can rely on our professionals for a thorough cleaning of any models, including services such as floor cleanings, window cleanings, etc. These services can be scheduled as needed.

Pressure Cleaning

M3 provides power washing service which removes grime and mold from high rise buildings, estate homes, small villas and community walkways.

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